Unity Cabinet and Granite Bathroom Quartz Countertops Cincinnati Ohio

Affordable Quartz & Granite Countertops Installations

Upgrade your home’s countertops today!  More than 100 colors of granite and quartz to choose from and more exotic and one-of-a-kind colors! Quartz colors available to view in our showroom. Colors and prices subject to change due to availability.

  • Group A

  • $29.99sq. ft. installed
    • Bainbrook Brown, Rose White

  • Group B

  • $33.99sq. ft. installed
    • New Caledonia, Golden Rust, Santana Gold, Precious Gold, Luna Pearl (-$2/sq ft), Gran Perla (-$2/sq ft)

  • Group C

  • $36.99sq. ft. installed
    • Giallo Fiesta (-$1/sq. ft.), New Venetian Gold Streak, Fiesta, Butterfly Green, Uba Tuba

  • Group D

  • $36.99sq. ft. installed
    • Azul Crystal, Santa Cecilia, Santa Cecilia Light, Silver Pearl, Tiger, Black Uba Tuba, Butterfly Red

  • Group D

  • $42.99sq. ft. installed
    • New Venetian Gold, Coffee Brown, Tan Brown

  • Group E

  • $43.99sq. ft. installed
    • Astoria, Tropic Brown (+$2/sq. ft.), White Supreme (+$4/sq. ft.)

  • Group D

  • $49.99sq. ft. installed
    • Colonial Oak, Sucuri Brown, Antique White, Rocky Mountain

  • Group F

  • $51.99sq. ft. installed
    • Key West Gold, Golden Thunder (+$1/sq. ft.), Blue Fire (+$1/sq. ft.), Pietoria (+$1/sq. ft.), Nina Antique (+$1/sq. ft.)

  • Group G

  • $54.99sq. ft. installed
    • White Ice, Bordeaux River, Typhoon Bordeaux, Neptune Bordeaux, Bianco Antique, Titanium, Magma Gold

  • Group G

  • $57.99sq. ft. installed
    • Rocky Mountain, Golden Splendor, Bianco Bordeaux, Luna Bordeaux, Cosmic Black, Bianco Antique

  • Group H

  • $58.99sq. ft. installed
    • Revolution, White Spring (+$1/sq. ft.), Solaris (+$1/sq. ft.), Star Beach (+$1/sq. ft.)

  • Group I

  • $62.99sq. ft. installed
    • Persia White, Crema Bordeaux, Sagittarius, Super White (+$12/sq. ft.)

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